Making every vote count

June 2023  

When I was knocking on doors leading up to the 2019 and 2021 elections, I heard from too many people who said they either don’t bother voting, or who feel their vote won’t make a difference.  

Sadly, it’s easy to understand why so many feel like this. The way Canada’s current electoral system works, most voters cast ballots for a candidate who does not get elected, leaving people feeling disenfranchised when election results don’t represent their views. 

Adding to frustrations, leading up to the 2015 election, the Liberals promised that election would be the last under our winner-take-all first-past-the-post voting system, but have yet to through on that commitment.  

I believe my role as your MP is to not only amplify issues that are important to you, but to present reasonable solutions for them. Considering this, I have been working to find ways to bring electoral reform into the national spotlight, while also working to hold the governing party to their word.  

Working with my legislative team in Ottawa, we drafted and presented my Private Members Motion 77 to address these concerns directly. My motion calls on the governing party to create a national citizens’ assembly on electoral reform, as a first step in making our democracy more representative of our interests.  

A national citizens’ assembly would bring together a diverse group of Canadians to study our voting system in part by engaging with experts, before thoughtfully considering the issues and making a recommendation. Citizens’ assemblies are non-partisan and are composed of people selected at random, like a jury.  

I have been working alongside a national organization Fair Vote Canada to build widespread support with Liberal, NDP, Green, and Conservative MPs signing onto my motion, quickly reaching the maximum of 20 joint seconders. 

With growing support, the Liberal party recently voted on a similar resolution at their annual convention, with the majority voting to also call on the government to establish a citizens’ assembly. The Prime Minister reacted by saying it would not be a priority for the government until there is consensus moving forward – with his preferred approach – which misses the point of a citizens’ assembly entirely! 

Based on Parliament’s lottery system, my motion would not be up for debate for many months, so I partnered with my colleague MP Lisa Marie Barron of Nanaimo—Ladysmith. I’m thrilled to be passing the torch to her, and work together to leverage my previous work and the support I have built to bring forward Lisa’s own motion, which will be up for debate starting this fall! 

With the momentum we have been building, I’m energized to continue working alongside Lisa Marie, other colleagues, and Fair Vote to keep pressing for an electoral system that ensures every vote counts. You can stay updated and learn more at 

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